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Rise of the Fallen

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Rise of the Fallen

 Ancient deities learn that they are not gods at all but rather hybrids between angel and human. They soon find their world in total chaos with an enemy they have never faced before. They must choose now to fight for Heaven or Hell. 

Meet the Author


Age 32, Dallas, Texas

Mr. Smith is an avid gamer and he recognized the need for a new action pack series. Who wouldn’t want to see Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon wage war in a massive spiritual battle for the fate of the world? He visualized an epic story of exceptional quality of content, which would afford readers the ability to imagine an immersed adventure between powerful entities in a breath-taking world where the battles have gone to an entirely new level in science-fiction. Mr. Smith recruited a virtual team of artists and writers to contribute to the development of Wrath.


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